Song Stuck Friday – It will get you moving.

This week I give you a reprieve from old-school annoying, or just plain annoying.

This is my 5 year old’s favorite song, and I have to admit, it makes me happy.

So, Happy Friday to you all!

Song Stuck Friday – You know you secretly like it.

Here we are – it’s Friday thank goodness… and that means I give you a ‘catchy’ tune you can’t get out of your head.

I don’t usually make dedications, but this song that will be in your head all day and possibly all weekend is dedicated to the one and only Danny Brown.  Oh, he LOVES Nickelback, and like most Canadians (even though he’s a transplant), he is oh-so proud of them.

I, of course, love to rag on Nickelback too, but I like this song, and I really love this video.

This one’s for you Danny – Happy Friday!


Song Stuck Friday – Be Happy

It’s just one of those days when the whole world seems full of sunshine and optimism.

You just can’t hate this one…. Happy Friday!

Song Stuck Friday – another oldie.

I don’t know why all of my Song Stuck songs are oldies, but they really knew how to make cloyingly unforgettable tunes back in the 70’s.

Don’t hate – just celebrate the cheesiness.

Happy Friday!


Song Stuck Friday – Can you REALLY hate this one?

By now you’re either enjoying, or not even entering the land of Song Stuck Friday. If you’re here you either do it out of loyalty to me, or you’re a masochist. Either way – thanks for stopping by.

This Song Stuck episode is one that I personally adore – it was only recently I discovered other people find it annoying… or hard to shake.  If it does stick, I hope you’re having a fabulous holiday break and humming it repeatedly everywhere you go.

Happy, Happy Christmas!

Song Stuck Friday – You WILL hate me today.

This Friday, for snickers & giggles, and just to be annoying, I bring you one of the most difficult to eradicate of all sticky songs.

Like many of those hard-to-get-out-of-your-head songs, this one brings back special memories. For me, they are of our end of year camping trips in the farthest reaches of the Scottish Highlands.  Each year my University pals and I would pack up our tents, some food, lots of booze, and some other items we found necessary at the time, and drive far north of Aberdeen.  We’d pick a spot,  hike as far as we could from the road, and set up camp for a week.  There were few people, lots of sheep, and lots and lots of laughter.

So here it is… you can thank me later.