Wee Email Marketing Tip of the Day

I LOVE email marketing, but only when it’s done  the right way.  Effective email marketing is not actually complex, it’s simple.  You need to:

  1. Build a decent, non spammy email target list that is opt in.  Yep, opt in.Email Marketing Tip
  2. Have a great subject line that gets the reader to open the email.
  3. Focus on one, or if you MUST, a few succinct topics – no one has time for 6 paragraphs.
  4. Clean design is essential. Hire someone to create a custom template if necessary.
  5. Have a strong, explicit Call to Action – otherwise, what’s the point?
Periodically I’ll be providing email marketing tips via this blog; here’s the first one:

Wee Email Marketing Tip of the Day:

Beginning any email with “Dear Valued Customer” is so transparently unauthentic it’s laughable.  For one, many people on your email list are NOT your customers.  Secondly, if you really valued your customer you’d know their name.  It’s a lot more genuine to just say ‘Hello’ at the beginning if you don’t have the contact name.

Now, go kick your email marketing in the rear end.

What a Great Email Newsletter Can Do That Nothing Else Can

I’m frantically busy, just like you. Sometimes when I open my inbox my heart literally pounds with the overwhelming sensation that I may drown in it. I am never even close to caught up.

But today I got an email from Chris Brogan. Yep, right from Chris so I slowed down and read the entire thing. It was an email entitled Pleasure, Flow and Meaning about a book he just read: Dr. Andrew Weil’s, SPONTANEOUS HAPPINESS. Chris described the book and its topic: Depression. He also talked about how to be in the State of Doing.

It was a great email. It made me slow down. It made me think. And it made me DO. This is what I did:

I bought the book.

I became motivated and accomplished a task I’d been putting off.

I visited The Secret Show from the link in the email.

It made me think: I’ve got to pay more attention to Chris and all of the great stuff he puts out.

You could never have impacted me that way on your Facebook Page, or on Twitter, or even on your website. It was an email in which Chris was speaking directly to me.

There is no more powerful arrow in your marketing quiver than an email that someone opens and feels as if you are speaking directly to them about something they want to hear.

If email communicating directly with your clients is not part of your current marketing strategy, fix that right now.