It is our goal to make you successful, not just sell you a product; our relationships with our clients are long term.

If you’ve never used a Marketing Agency before, here’s what we do and why you would hire us:

  • We have an initial consultation to make sure we understand the goals you have for your company’s growth.
  • We then set agreed upon goals the for the type of growth you want to see.
  • Next, we review your existing marketing strategy and advise you on a budget.
  • We create a Marketing Strategy based on your goals, timeline and budget.
Ariel Marketing Group, llc then becomes your marketing brain; you no longer field calls from advertising salespeople – we do it for you.  Unlike those salespeople, our goal is not to sell you a product; we are only successful by helping you grow your business. Our success isn’t measured by what type of product we sell you, but by the results we bring.

To set up an initial consultation, contact us here.

The Building Blocks of Effective Marketing

Ariel Marketing Group

Creating an effective marketing strategy means utilizing a variety of platforms and can be overwhelming to a small business owner. We believe in developing a plan in phases by creating a comprehensive strategy with the essential ‘building blocks’ put into place and additional blocks added as time and budget allow.

We create a vision & direction for our clients, and then help them build their marketing plan one block at a time.


Only Need 1 Simple Service?

Although we become full service marketing consultants to many of our clients, we welcome customers who need something as simple as a business cards, Social Media coaching, or  logo design.