Wee Email Marketing Tip of the Day

I LOVE email marketing, but only when it’s done  the right way.  Effective email marketing is not actually complex, it’s simple.  You need to:

  1. Build a decent, non spammy email target list that is opt in.  Yep, opt in.Email Marketing Tip
  2. Have a great subject line that gets the reader to open the email.
  3. Focus on one, or if you MUST, a few succinct topics – no one has time for 6 paragraphs.
  4. Clean design is essential. Hire someone to create a custom template if necessary.
  5. Have a strong, explicit Call to Action – otherwise, what’s the point?
Periodically I’ll be providing email marketing tips via this blog; here’s the first one:

Wee Email Marketing Tip of the Day:

Beginning any email with “Dear Valued Customer” is so transparently unauthentic it’s laughable.  For one, many people on your email list are NOT your customers.  Secondly, if you really valued your customer you’d know their name.  It’s a lot more genuine to just say ‘Hello’ at the beginning if you don’t have the contact name.

Now, go kick your email marketing in the rear end.

Song Stuck Friday – Be Happy

It’s just one of those days when the whole world seems full of sunshine and optimism.

You just can’t hate this one…. Happy Friday!

Taking Stock

It’s Friday afternoon and we’re all, hopefully, preparing for some R and R. On the weekends I try to take a step back and recharge; I focus on my family, and I focus on my business’ Big Picture. I seek out the type of clarity you Clarity of purpose Ariel Marketing Groupachieve when you, for whatever reason, can see clearly what is important.

Yesterday at 6:30am  an old high school friend of mine died in his sleep, of a heart attack at the age of 47.  His name was Tim Mitchell.

Tim and I weren’t what most people would call extremely close, but because we both grew up in a very special place, Milton Hershey School, we were more family than most families. We’d spend a lot of time together one weekend a year at our annual Homecoming, and shared one mutual friend are both very close to.  Hanging out with Tim always guaranteed a tremendous amount of laughter, hugs, and good feelings.  I know that all of us must suffer intense loss, but speaking to our mutual friend yesterday was just so deeply heartbreaking I could barely catch my breath.

Today, long before the weekend began, I had that clarity we all strive for… the kind you only get after great loss when the entire world and what is important is crystallized and oh so obvious.

So go home, hug the ones you love, work on your business if it is your passion, spend time in nature, and take a moment to really take stock of what matters.  We are all here for such a very short time.

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