About Us

Small Business owners are our heroes.  To build something that creates value and jobs in our economy is purely heroic.

Ariel Marketing Group, llc is on a mission to help Small Business market intelligently.  It is our job to take the endless marketing tactics available to you, distill them down to the ones that make sense for your business, and create a smart strategy customized for you.  We use a combination of new and old media in doing so.

There is no silver bullet in Marketing.  We won’t try to get you to believe in one. Together we’ll create a living, evolving plan to grow your business.

About Amy

Amy McCloskey Tobin Ariel Marketing Group

Amy Tobin graduated from Milton Hershey school and later received her MA in English Literature & Art History from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. After a career in retail sales, Amy  continued her success into wholesale representation.

After a record breaking sales growth,  Amy moved into Sales Management, managing half of the US and a large Sales team.  As VP of Sales Amy’s primary responsibility was to build a partnership with small business owners and help them develop their marketing/sales strategies.

Amy’s experience has placed allowed her to work with thousands of small business owners over the course of her career.  Her Sales background gives her an insight into the ‘boots on the ground’ side of the compliments her Marketing experience.  She founded Ariel Marketing Group, llc in 2009 to be able to work daily at her passion: helping small business grow.

Amy is past President and serves on the board of the Milton Hershey School Alumni Association. and NAWBO – NEPA.  She currently serves on the board of the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce.

Recently Amy became a partner at ArCompany, offering strategic social business consultation to enterprise sized business.