Fiercely Protecting Your Business Sanity

Like most small business owners, time is my most precious resource. I am constantly thinking of new ideas, coming across new possibilities for revenue, and in recent years, becoming easily distracted by a myriad of social Business Sanitymedia ticklers that get me chasing someone else’s ideas as well.

There are weeks when it overtakes me. Despite my very profound understanding that in order to be successful I must stay focused, I end the week feeling out of breath and unproductive.
A very long pause and a conversation with myself is in order.

Most important is forgiving myself for once again getting off track, and knowing HOW to get back on. Here are my tips for restoring your own sanity at work:

1. Work all weekend: I know it may SEEM counter-intuitive  but you absolutely need to sit at your desk when there are NO distractions and get sh*t done; clear your inbox, organize your desk, make a new priorities list. You will feel sane and in control, and therefore able to make better decisions.

2. Simplify what you’re listening to: If you’re like me you get 400+ emails a day (no joke). Many of them are instant Deletes. Go through your recent 7 days of email and sort the emails that you regularly receive into Necessary or Frivolous. Unsubscribe or designate as Spam anything that isn’t essential. Cut down on the amount you must delete and you’ll carve minutes, maybe more, out of your day.

3. Cull the Blogs: New information and advice comes at us at lightning speed; just admit to yourself that you can’t be cutting edge on everything. Stop trying to digest it all and choose the 3 – 5 blogs you want to follow; try to digest that information and engage with that community in a more meaningful way. You’ll get a lot more out of your experience, and build stronger online relationships in the process.

4. Stop trying to be everywhere: if you are, you will not make an impact anywhere. Find the networking groups and Social platforms that work for you and stick with them.

5. Exercise: You can’t feel sane and maintain the necessary level of energy if you aren’t in shape. And don’t tell me you don’t have time – that’s just an excuse. Cut 30 minutes out of the time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, or having cocktails every day and run, bike or get your rear to the gym. This is a marathon you’re running – you have to be in shape for it.

If my list sounds like a lecture, forgive me…. I have to give it to myself every now and then. That’s how I know these things work.

  • I can’t do #3. It makes sense. But I. Just. Can’t. Do. It. #BlogaholicsAnonymous

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    That is because you are an ADDICT Doug:)