Is Your Strategy More Accurately Called “Beg Marketing”?

I read a great post by Jeff Esposito about his adventures in shopping for his new home. He found that lots of retailers requested that you follow them on Social Media. He wasn’t surprised that when he did, he found the same old “push marketing” and one way conversations. It is the classic case of using a Traditional Beg MarketingMarketing approach with New Media tools: it never works.

In the comment section of this post, @annedreshfield described this approach being taken to an extreme degree when a restaurant she checked into on Foursquare hounded her on Twitter for a recommendation.

Sadly, this form of “Beg Marketing” takes place everyday all over Social Media. I see people begging their Followers to share their page and tweeting constant “deals” that ‘if you follow me I’ll follow you back.’

Like I’ve stated 475 million times, Common Sense should be your guideline in Sales and Marketing online. It’s just like dating: Desperation is totally unattractive, always.

Give your followers a reason to share your page or Retweet you. Create a contest where you gain additional entries by sharing a page. Offer excellent, informative content so that people WANT to Like or Follow You. I know, it sounds like a lot of hard work, and it is. And it should be. Think about the Brands you admire; didn’t they work hard to earn your respect and admiration?