Where’s Your Call to Action?

Chris Brogan’s post about how a Sales Page on an internet site should work got me thinking about how many marketing/sales efforts I come across with absolutely NO Call to Action. Beautiful brochures, sexy websites, stunning print ads will not bring you new customers if you don’t entice the viewer to take the next step.

On your website, after your compelling outline of how you will benefit the viewer, the call to action may be as simple as a “Click Here” with a conversion form to capture information, but you need to “give” the viewer something to get them to commit to connect to your company. A free trial, demonstration, or downloadable ebook can be a great beginning to the trust building phase of your client/company relationship.

On print material your call to action may be: To book an appointment, call or email…. or Visit our Website or Order a Product by…

In most print ads space is limited, so that Call to Action needs to be dynamic and succinct. It may be a call to Sign up for Weekly Tips on _______ where you push them to your website and then capture their information; you must then deliver on the promised tips.. If you have a promotion going on make sure a sense of urgency is created for them to take the next step so as not to miss out on the promotion.

Like most things marketing related, this is all common sense – why spend time, energy and money developing a great campaign that doesn’t lead your prospect to do exactly what you want them to do. Make it easy on them by making that call short and explicit. Then watch your analytics grow and you’ll have your own “aha” moment.