Why Use Facebook As Your Business Page?

If you’re Administering a Business Page on Facebook I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of visual changes. Most people don’t like change, so each time Facebook switches it up on us there is usually a moan heard across the internet as everyone settles down and gets used to the new look and feel of it.

This time there is one change the businesses should be elated about: The ability to use Facebook AS your business. If you haven’t done it yet, here’s how:

Right under your Administrator Image in the Top Right Corner is “Use Facebook As Your Page” This allows you to roam Facebook as your business making helpful comments or suggestions to Fans AND other Businesses. I have a collaborator, Frank Deom of VidYourBiz.com, and when I saw the following blog about how powerful online video is I wanted to share it not only with Frank, but with his fans on his page so I posted this:

Hopefully his fans like the information, it helps strengthen Frank’s fan’s belief in online video, and perhaps they’ll come and check out Ariel Marketing Group’s page as well.

Like all great tools I would caution you only to use this one sparingly, as the great benefit of Social Media is allowing companies to BE HUMAN, and your customers want to see and know you as a real person.