8 Social Media Housekeeping Tips for 2013

I didn’t write any ‘grand master plans for 2013’ posts this year, but now that we’re into 2013 it’s time for a social media reorganizing post. To get yourself together, here’s a short list of to dos:

  1. Get a new profile picture if yours is older than 12 months, EVEN if you love it. Yes, 2 years ago I had probably the  Social Media Housekeeping by Ariel Marketing Group best picture of me ever for my profile pic, but, I get older every year just like you do. Being honest crosses over to how you look TODAY too. Upload it to ALL of your networks.
  2. Set up your Gravatar if you haven’t already.  “Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.”  Your face is part of your brand, and in the social world people want to know you personally.
  3. Set up or clean up your Brand Yourself  profile.  It can help you improve your Google ranking and ensure that the information is accurate.
  4. Review your Linked In Profile, update your job status, and ask for Recommendations that you think will be helpful explaining how well you do what you do.  Give Recommendations to those whose service you value.  Ignore Endorsements entirely, as they’re a cheap scam and a big mistake LinkedIn never should have made.
  5. Review the number of blogs coming to your inbox, and cull the ones that aren’t absolutely beneficial to you.  There is a lot of great information out there, but you can’t absorb it all.  Staying current on the good ones, and active in their communities is far more effective than trying to be everywhere..
  6. Update every brand page you have, from Facebook to Merchant Circle; even if you’re not active on the channel, make sure your information is accurate.
  7. Change out your Twitter Background if it’s no longer relevant.  Update your lists; review the folks you follow and make sure they’re compartmentalized into those lists.
  8. Do a total Social Media review: if you’re using Social to market, which platforms are working? Which have diminished in value?  Are there new or niche platforms that may work better?

I try to review the above once every 6 months, but sometimes things slip by the wayside, so at the start of each new year I focus on updating and refreshing them all.    That way I can charge into the New Year feeling relatively ‘together.’  If I’ve missed any tips I’d love to hear from you.

Essential Social Media Housekeeping

This morning I finally spoke live to my Social Media buddy and Snarkster Extraordinaire, Sam Fiorella because I may need his services for a client of mine. When we hung up it dawned on me that we weren’t connected to each other on LinkedIn. I then got an invite from another Social Media pal (Daniel Newman) and by connecting with him I realized I wasn’t LinkedIn to one of my favorite chums, Margie Clayman.

How on earth did this happen? Because I became lazy about my Social Media Housekeeping.

This is nothing short of scandalous considering that I spend my days advising my clients on how to build and maintain their own marketing presence. So I created a checklist that I will make sure I review every month or so, or at least as often as I change the batteries in my smoke detector. Here it is:

1. LinkedIn Review: Am I connected to my new clients and latest Social Media friends? Do I have any recent recommendations? Have I asked for an Introduction to a target client from a connection? Have I updated my profile in the last 6 months?
2. Twitter: Have I reviewed my New Tweeps List to see if any of my newer connections belong on a different list? (If you aren’t using lists, read this.) On a less frequent basis, have I reviewed those I’m following and cleaned out the bots and other undesirables? Have I updated my profile description? Is my background still relevant?
3. Facebook: Have I checked my security settings? <-- those dang things have a habit of changing on their own. Do I really need to Like 658 Pages, or can I clean up my stream a bit by Unliking a few? Does my Timeline need a refresh picture? 4. Facebook Business Page: Is my Page Timeline pic tired? Is my Page liking other Business Pages it should be tied to? Are there any we should Unlike?
5. EVERY ONE OF THEM: Does my profile pic accurately reflect who I am now or is it time for an update? Have I put the most recent profile pic on ALL of the platforms? This last one is a personal pet peeve of mine. Be who you are in Real Life online too.

Yes, I’ve left that other one…. G+… totally off because personally I’ve fallen out of love with it, but you may have suggestions for the G+ lovers still out there.

Mine is a short but essential list of to dos that I am sure will grow over time. I’m keeping it and setting an alarm every month or two, so that I never again shock myself by my untidy, and frankly lazy handling of my most important connections. What would you add to the list?