I Love Skeptics

And you should too. I love presenting to the skeptical, and if you don’t perhaps you need to analyze WHY. First, let me define skeptics – skeptics are not the same as naysayers. Those who are predisposed to doubt the validity of your product or service for no earthly reason other than they like being negative or are too scared to believe that anything can help them are not skeptics; naysayers are to be avoided at all cost and you need to be able to detect them in a matter of minutes so that you don’t spend precious time trying to convert them to no avail.

Skeptics on the other hand are usually smart, cautious and often successful already – before they meet you and your product. Skeptics listen with a partially open mind but are prone to playing devil’s advocate because they are not interested in telling you how wonderful your company is – you need to SHOW them how you will benefit their business in precise and succinct terms. Skeptics are also capable of changing their mind and buying in, and it’s a buy in that is almost always genuine and committed since they do nothing on the fly; their decisions are well thought out and measured. When they say YES to you, they mean it, and often become one of your favorite clients – committed fully to the project once you win their allegiance.

The reason I love skeptics is because I really believe in what I do, and they give me the opportunity to make them believe too. You see, I help companies build their sales funnel and broaden their reach. Sure, we’re a marketing company, but what we really do is help smaller companies find and embrace their voice through the internet and social media. I recently read Gary Vaynerchuck’s CRUSH IT, and there’s a sentence in the beginning part of the book that asks if you can speak about what you do better than anybody else. I still don’t know if I can say BETTER than anyone else, but I certainly can with speak with more passion and earnestness than anyone I’ve met because I truly believe in and am exhilirated by the empowerment Social Media & the Web has brought to small business; I really feel that I am helping a company profoundly when I open their eyes to what is now possible and how now THEY are in control of their own message, or at least can they can have a major voice in the conversation.

So give me a board room full of brilliant, successful business owners who are already wealthy and aren’t looking for me to throw them a life line. Give me an hour to tell them what we can do and what is possible, and I guarantee you it will be my best hour of the day. Love and believe in what you do and that can be every hour of every workday.