Social Media’s Not Just for Selling

If you pay attention to Seth Godin’s blog (SethsBlog) you’ll read this morning that he is looking for “accomplices” to help for a 7 month long project. Of course I admire Seth, so when I read about the opening I thought “I would love to work with him.” I also thought instantly of how vast the ‘net’ is now for employers looking for help: not only are there 100+ applicants for every slot, but Social Media has made it possible to draw so many more. Wise employers understand this and are casting their net wider than ever before.

I know, I know – there’s a recession going on, but the reality is if you are seeking a highly professional or specialized candidate, it’s STILL tough to find good talent. Heck, it’s tough to find loyal, dedicated employees who take ownership of their job/project no matter what business you’re in, especially if there are management responsibilities involved. Having the power to create a very specific skill requirements and then target potential employees by geographic region is a heck of a lot better than using and being sent thousands of useless candidates that don’t live in your area or qualify for your opening.

Here’s what Social Media allows you to do:

1. LinkedIn: Not only do you have access to tons of recruiters, you have a simple method of getting the word out to ALL of your connections in one simple message or status update. Additionally, you can post your opening within the groups that your target candidates “hang out.”
2. Facebook: Your company business page is the perfect place to network with your company’s fans & followers; your fans understand what your company is about and are a lot more likely to know what you’re looking for than some random person at a cocktail party. Additionally, why not take out a ‘for hire’ ad right on Facebook: it’s targeted and affordable, and will be seen by hundreds, thousands, or even millions.
3. Twitter: Twitter’s usefulness depends upon how much time you’ve put into developing your community, but if you have put the effort in one 144 character tweet can reach all of your followers in seconds.
4. Blog it: That’s exactly how this post started – Seth used his well read, powerful blog to put his opening out there to the most interested and probably relevant group of people, his followers.

Really, the advice for finding an employee is no different than when you yourself are looking for a job: the best way to find a great one is to get the word out to everyone you know; that’s never been easier than it is now through the Social Media channel.