Your Customers Want to Know You

Sure, it may not be possible for your customers to know YOU personally, depending upon how large your company is and how vast the geography you sell to, but they want to know what makes your company tick. First and foremost, they want to know how YOU can help THEM. Then they want to know, in more detail, how that process works. Lastly, if you’ve convinced them on any level that you might be of service, they want to know how you’ve helped others.

Companies spend thousands or even millions of dollars crafting an image they want their customers to believe is who they are, but Social Media has raised our ‘consumer’s IQ’ and no amount of money can hide what your company’s about from a determined customer. What your Social Media efforts, website, blog and all that jazz is ABOUT is letting the customer get to know your company.

When a referral or interested party comes my way the first thing I do is ask: Are you on Facebook? You see, they will automatically check out my website and that’s a great cataloge of our work and explanation of what we do, but Facebook/Twitter is a way for our clients and prospects to have a continuing conversation with us about what we do and how it may impact their business. Anyone can build a good website; Social Media allows anyone to follow what we do and how we think on a daily basis; are we creative, consistent, inspirational, but most importantly, are we useful to them? They decide on their own time if we’re worth looking into.

Social Media has done what millions of people are unknowingly grateful for: it has killed hard selling.

So go ahead and start the conversation – invite anyone who is interested to join in. It’s an opportunity for your company to show its best self to the world.