Song Stuck Friday – You know you secretly like it.

Here we are – it’s Friday thank goodness… and that means I give you a ‘catchy’ tune you can’t get out of your head.

I don’t usually make dedications, but this song that will be in your head all day and possibly all weekend is dedicated to the one and only Danny Brown.  Oh, he LOVES Nickelback, and like most Canadians (even though he’s a transplant), he is oh-so proud of them.

I, of course, love to rag on Nickelback too, but I like this song, and I really love this video.

This one’s for you Danny – Happy Friday!


  • jimdougherty

    I am man enough to say I’ve seen Nickelback in concert.  Great pyrotechnics, but every song sounded a bit like this one!  🙂