How Annoying Can I Be?

If I’ve had a good week, by Friday I’m fried; my brain just can’t ingest anymore heavy information.   I’m always thrilled to turn to more lighthearted fair on the blog front.  I always check out Gini Dietrich’s #FollowFriday post… she regularly delivers when recommending good folk to connect with.  Lately I’ve really been looking forward to Jason Konopinski’s Poetry Friday.  Last week’s was especially divine as it was dedicated to yours truly and featured one of my favorite poets.

I’ve been thinking hard about what I’d like to do on a regular basis to bring a smile to your face, but of course, I don’t mind being a wee bit annoying either.  I decided that I would feature songs you just can’t get out of your head once you hear them…so, here goes:

  Song Stuck Friday 

That’s right. Each Friday I will deliver one of those songs that you just can’t get out of your head.  Some you will love, some you will hate.  Here’s our first episode. Enjoy.

  • Oh nooooooo! I’m going to be singing this all weekend. 

    • AmyMccTobin

      I have a whole list of these goodies coming to haunt your weekends:)

  • This is the guy whose poster my wife hung on her bedroom wall in high school?? Holy heck! Interesting fact: He was going to call the song “Brandi” but then MY FAVORITE song came out: Now these guys sexxxxxx-yyyyy

    • AmyMccTobin

      But I actually LIKE that song Barrett!!! 🙂  I will definitely use it in the future, cause this is an every Friday thing:)

      • I love the song, but I the clothes in the video… I can think of some ladies I’d like to see in an outfit like that lead singer’s!

        There’s a girl in this harbor town and works layin’ whiskey down 
        They say Brandy bring another round, she brings them whiskey and wine.

        (I could maybe sing this thing backwards…)

  • Yay! WordPress decided to chew today’s post to bits. :/

    • AmyMccTobin

      Oh no… but then, I get to be the feature AGAIN. Bonus!!!

  • I am almost always brain dead on Friday. Last night I passed out at 8 from sheer exhaustion, and now I’m up in the middle of the night. Ugh!

    • AmyMccTobin

      You were up in the middle of the night listening to Barry?? 😉

  • This song reminds me so much of my mom during happier times. Can’t wait to see “how annoying” you won’t be next Friday. Thanks for stirring up some lovely memories. ooxx

    • AmyMccTobin

      Funny thing is Amberr, most of the Song Stuck songs remind ME of happy times.