Thanksgiving Countdown; 11 Days to Go

Today I am thankful for OPTIMISM.

By nature, I am optimistic, but I am also a total skeptic about some things.  I don’t believe in:

  • Psychics
  • Having your tea leaves read
  • Astrology
  • Anything to do with your chakras
  • Fairy tales

I do, however, believe in the power of positive thinking… as long as it’s backed up by discipline and focus.  And I know that surrounding yourself with negative people can do your head in.  All of the people I admire had a tremendous belief in their own abilities, and in humanity in general.

One thing I love about my Social Media Orbit is the amazing number of positive folks who shine a light on my world.  In no particular order, here they are:

Most of these beacons of positivity I met through the 12Most community; if you haven’t been there and you value optimism like I do, check it out this instant.

What are you thankful for?

  • Wow. I’m honored to make such a distinguished list. Those are some heavy hitters & I just a bench player hoping to get an at-bat.

    • AmyMccTobin

      Well this is MY list John, and you belong there. 🙂

    • JB, Haha, you are NOT a bench player. You’re a great person and an excellent writer with a talented daughter to boot. 😉

  • Um, glad we agree on the whole psychic/tea leaves thing ;)!

    And I really appreciate the inclusion on your list. I respect and interact with just about everyone on there. Actually, I just started following John Errico after checking out your list.

    • AmyMccTobin

      Hey there Brian… sometimes I run to 12Most just to drown out the negative stream…  John’s a Real Life friend and great guy.

      • Don’t listen to her, Brian. I’m a real jerk who doesn’t like Boston-area sports teams or Facebook. 😉

        • Well I already interact with the other folks on that list practically DAILY, so happy to add one more to the mix. Yeah, I’m not a Boston-area sports team fan either (although there are some well-run organizations there…hats off to Patriots/Celtics).

  • Nice post, @AmyMccTobin:disqus — thanks for including me. There is ALWAYS a bright side, it just depends on if you want to focus on that or alternatively, revel in how crappy things can be sometimes. Our @12Most:twitter community certainly knows which part of the glass to look at!

  • Thanks for the include here, Amy! And props for kicking out your Thanksgiving countdown posts.

    I love fairy tales but as the original use for them cautionary tales! Don’t go into the woods, don’t eat that apple from the stranger and knowing that happily ever after only comes with lots of hard work. And hopefully a martini every now and then.

    I am also thank for positive, supportive people in my socialsphere. 12 Most is chocked full of positive, smart people — thanks for being one of them. 

    • AmyMccTobin

      Hey, if my fairy tale ends with a big bottle of vino, I’m good:)

      • I was going to say wine but then I went with martini. Wine would be perfect right about now….

  • Amy, flattered to be included in your sphere of positivity. You’re also a beacon of light in mine. ooxx