Fear Not Technology

I’m a Social Media geek so it may surprise you that I am not always an early adaptor of technology. Of course I drool over the latest Apple offering, but, like so many crazy-busy Small Business owners, I don’t always have time to stop and LEARN the new gadget.

“Comfortable” is highly underrated by tech savvy folk.

Social Media came along and changed this ‘fear stance’ for me. I, like millions of others, quickly grasped that Social Media would allow a direct conversation line with my target audience and current customers, so I jumped right into Facebook, LinkedIn, and then Twitter. Parts of it became overwhelming – I mean, develop a custom Facebook Fan Page on my own??? That’s what programmers are for, right?

So I paid lots of guys lots of money to do all sorts of ‘programming’ for me. I got the iPhone and figured that part out, but as far as any sort of coding or programming I stayed FAR away. And I waited to buy most new gadgets until I had to…. Mostly because I didn’t want to slow down long enough to learn them.

But a funny thing happened over the past few months…. Out of necessity and opportunity I was FORCED to learn some basic coding for a website and I realized how un-scary it really was. With growing courage I learned more, and then more and I realized that simply because I was an English Lit freak from childhood did not mean that I couldn’t learn this new language. That’s all it really is – a different language, but not an unintelligible one.

And gadgets are not so tough either, as long as we slow down, give our self a moment’s peace and figure them out. The good ones free up our time and make life easier. The really good ones are intuitive and easily understood.

So for all those times you DIDN’T make the change (and that’s right I’m speaking to YOU dear client, who is STILL using AOL as your web browser), think again. Updating from Word2003 is really not so hard, and lots of new tools are at your fingertips. If you’re still using Outlook Express, or even worse, no email management program, make it a goal to get Tech organized this year too. And while we’re rolling, be brave and explore my short list of tech/software that can change your life:

1. Salesforce.com: If you have more than a couple salespeople THIS is your tool.
2. Basecamp: If you have multiple project with lots of employees or subcontractors involved on different aspects of the project, this is INSTANT ORGANIZATION.
3. GotoMeeting is an indispensible tool for busy, geographically challenged small business owners.
4. GotoMyPC: If you’re sick of saving everything to your desk top and laptop or having to stay at the office to finish work you’d like to do from home, this program allows you to keep everything on one computer and LOG IN from wherever you are. Believe me, when your laptop dies you’ll be THRILLED.
5. Carbonite: there are lots of other programs out there to back up your files online, but this one is SIMPLE and then automated so that you never have to worry about backing up again. When your desk top dies you’ll be even more thrilled you did it.

So take an hour out of your schedule and explore how these tools may CHANGE YOUR WORK LIFE.
Life will not slow down because of technology, but you’ll be able to handle it more efficiently. Trust me.