My Top 5 Marketing Minds Small Business Can Learn From

It is my job in Real Life to create smart marketing strategies for Small Business clients that suit their budget and brand. These days this almost always includes creating, or developing, their online marketing presence. Although it may appear that EVERYONE is on Social Media these days, it’s simply not true for many businesses. And many that are on don’t understand how to use the tools they’ve set up. Often the decision makers(s) is, to say the least, overwhelmed by Social Media in particular. My advice is always to put one foot in front of the other and master one platform at a time. Once you get your sea legs with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn… and now possibly Google+, you can start to determine which platforms work best for your business and focus your time in the right places.

If you decide that 2012 will be the year you really learn how to use social media to grow your business, and fine tune your skills, here are my Top 5 Marketing Minds to follow and learn from:

1. Chris Brogan Any of us who spend a lot of time in Social Media may believe that everyone already knows who Chris is; he’s one of the most ‘famous’ Social Media stars. But, if you’ve never used Social Media you probably don’t. His book Trust Agents (with Julien Smith) is still the first thing I recommend to clients so that they understand that Social Media is NOT a space to continually blast your marketing message. It’s about building trust and engaging with your audience.
2. Jay Baer: I discovered Jay about a year and a half ago and his blog, Convince and Convert, was one of the reasons I decided to narrow down the amount of information I was trying to consume and focus on engaging in a few excellent communities. Jay covers a wide range of topics, but he never mails in a mediocre post. Everyone of them is worthy of reading and re-reading, and the folks you find in the comment section are some of the smartest out there.
3. Gini Dietrich Founder and CEO of Amrent Dietriech, is one of the wittiest and positive online people I know. Her blog, Spin Sucks, offers daily doses of knowledge on a plethora of New Media tactics and often inspired and spirited discussion on PR and Marketing. The marketers I admire most I discovered on Spin Sucks, and although they may be Fortune 100 Marketers, PR mishaps happen to companies of all sizes everyday and the lessons learned here can save you from total disaster.
4. Danny Brown is one of those smart people I met on Spin Sucks, and his blog covers a range of Marketing and PR topics. Danny’s steady and thoughtful voice is absolutely priceless a midst the mania and wildfires that can blow up on Social Media. His new venture, Punk Views on Social Media, is the on the other end of the spectrum where you’ll encounter frank, often spicy discussion on Social Media.
5. Brian Clark’s Copyblogger is one of the Must Reads in my inbox. The reality is that you can have all of the megaphones (platforms) in the world, but if your content isn’t compelling you won’t build an audience. Copyblogger covers more than just how to write or recognize this copy, and if you pay attention you’ll also learn a whole lot more about how to build your social media traffic and SEO.

If this seems like a lot to follow consider this: how many email newsletters do you receive that you barely skim and delete? Why not slim down your overloaded inbox and really focus on learning, thoroughly, how to use the platforms you’ve set up?

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