My Brief & Humble Kindle Fire Review

I’m not viewing the KindleFire as an iPad killer; I tend not to make predictions against Apple. I’m not an iPad owner simply because the price tag is a little high for me considering it wouldn’t completely replace my laptop. So, to clarify, I’m writing this as a Non-iPad-user-not-so-wealthy-small-business-owner.

Here are my thoughts:

When I first opened the box I thought: I LOVE the look – like a sexy, mini, affordable iPad. However, as an avid reader and Kindle lover, I know I won’t be ditching my older version because this glossy new version will NOT work on the beach, or anywhere else you have glaring sunlight. I instantly thought of those very clever Kindle ads where the smart woman sits poolside reading, while the stereotypical not so smart male asks “How can you read that out here?”

Starting it up was a breeze. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. Once I turned it on all of my previous Kindle purchases were available to download from ‘The Cloud.’ (That term always makes me smile; before “The Cloud” we simply called it The Internet.)

Although I love my old Kindle’s non-glare, very book-like visual display, the clear, popping colors of the Kindle Fire made me actually browse the Magazine section of the Newstand. Still, reading a 7 inch magazine wasn’t attractive enough to get me to buy.

Despite other reviews I’ve read I found the Fire quick and responsive, and the menu straight and to the point. My four year old deftly figured it out and started playing games.

So you know how the rest of the evening went after that last comment:

We immediately ordered Alladin and she watched the entire thing on the tablet never once complaining about the size. My first complaint is that the max volume is not quiet loud enough if you are in a noisy place, but I suppose there are headphones for that. My second complaint is that naturally there is no app. For GotoMyPC, a service I use religiously.

My daughter and I spent the rest of the weekend fighting over who got to use the Kindle. It satisfied my primary need, allowing me to jump onto the internet instantaneously. I won’t be taking it to client presentations – I always find the iPad ridiculously small for that – and it will go IN my laptop bag WITH my laptop, not in place of it. But for $200 I say “run and buy one.”

  • You and I agree. I take mine to bed with me every night. I love it.

    • Amy

      I thought once you said goodnight to the moon you were ‘out.’ Of course I have to wait until my daughter’s asleep to use mine:) She asked for one for Xmas. She’s 4.

  • EXACTLY what I wanted to know. Great review. Thanks!

    • Amy

      Glad I could be of service. Go get one.