Coming Clean About Google+

Dear Reader,

I have a confession to make.

I don’t believe Google+ will last.

I know, it’s not a religion. One doesn’t have to believe in it to use it to market and grow.

But because I’ve told so many of you about it since I started actively using G+ – way before it was ‘open,’ – I feel like I owe you this honest assessment:

I still think you should set up your Brand Page. You should put some interesting posts up. Use it to distribute your blog. Monitor it for interaction with followers.


Because I might be WRONG, and because Google+ has the word GOOGLE in it. Don’t trust me over them. It certainly won’t hurt your business to set up a page and put a degree of energy into it.

But don’t spend a lot of time in there… Don’t take time away from your Facebook Business Page, your Twitter outreach, and please don’t take precious moments from the time you dedicate to your Blog and Newsletter.

Because your customers/clients aren’t on G+ yet. The place is a hollow chamber – filled with the echoes of tech geeks and Social Media stars who touted how it would change the Social Media landscape.

Like I said before, I might be wrong, and when I know I am I’ll let you know… But until I see the masses moving to G+ in force, I could not with good conscience send my clients there to spend more of their valuable time on what looks to be a lost cause.

A Big Thank You to Farhard Manjo to thank for shaking me from my silence on this issue with his Slate post today.

  • Amy, I agree with everything you say in this post. I have one friend who regularly posts to G+, and most of her interaction is with gamer friends. It’s frustrating for me personally, because I feel like I’m talking to myself a lot. I’ve set up my G+ Page for my business today for the reasons you outlined – it’s Google. They find ways to make things better. But you absolutely cannot abandon your other avenues. It would be like saying Twitter or Facebook replace your website efforts – it’s absurd. It’s just another avenue to lead people to your business door. Thanks for affirming my perception, and giving me hope at the same time!

  • Amy

    Andrea – when anyone starts a comment out saying “I agree with everything you say in this post” it kind of makes my day:)

    I was thrilled with G+ from the beginning because it was so CLEAN and uncluttered – both visually and with people. I got a “do over” and circled people very judiciously.

    I even paid $50 for a Chris Brogan webinar on How to Use G+ for Business. Chris has been kind and generous to me for a few years now, and I appreciate him, but the Webinar was useless because my clients aren’t ON G+, and neither are their customers. Until THAT changes, I’m giving it minimal attention.

  • “because Google+ has the word GOOGLE in it” is dead on the only reason I am still active there. My clients are not on G+ and more importantly my prospective clients are not on it. I don’t need a personal social network. I have fb. The GPlusian kool aid drinkers have not figured out that not everyone wants to read about the latest mobile operating system or HTML5. I certainly am getting tired of seeing the silly animated gif’s in my stream. They always say you are following the wrong people. Well I am finding it challenging to find people I want to follow. The lack of diversity of the user base is what’s not attractive right now. The service itself is fine.

    • Amy

      Coy – I guess what I’ve figured out over the past year is that this really is the Age of the Filter… there’s so much noise coming at you all the time. I’ve also decided that participating on a few SELECT Blogs is much more productive. My favorites are Convince&Convert, Spin Sucks, and the new Punk Views on Social Media…. but then again, I’m a marketer. I’m still on all the platforms, but on these Blogs I get to have REAL, longer conversations and I’ve actually met people I would call ‘work friends.’ Long Live the Blog.