Sunday Night Marketing

You can’t get there from here, at least not without a plan. It’s Sunday night and YOU, small business owner, are thinking about tomorrow and all the things you have to do: your overloaded inbox, that proposal you were supposed to finish up on Friday…. your problem employee. Small Business Marketing

STOP it right now.

Right now you need to focus on ONLY ONE THING: how you are going to do one thing this week that will grow your business. And I don’t mean sell one thing; that only helps your short term sales. You are going to pick ONE MARKETING TACTIC and PEN it into your calendar for at least 2 hours this week. It can be any of the following:

1. Get active on your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn Page: By active, I don’t mean a post every couple of days – I mean 3 posts a day for at least 6 days. And they have to be thought out and meaningful to your customers.
2. Work on your website: Yes, that Face of Your Company on the internet that you don’t even want to look at because it hasn’t been updated for SO LONG it’s embarrassing. Take 3 hours and work on the updates and then implement them.
3. Work on your Marketing Calendar: That’s right – all of those things you promised yourself you’d do last Christmas holiday as you looked forward to the new year with enthusiasm and hope. So what that the last quarter will be here in weeks – there’s still time to create the event or implement the promotion that you’d thought of. Plan it out and set the wheels in motion.
4. Review your Target Client List: You know, that list of dream clients you plan on personally reaching out to ‘when you have time.’ It’s time. Pick ONE of those dream clients and make contact this week. And then make an alarm on your calendar to follow up within 2 weeks and DO IT.

Now, when the appointed time(s) come this week for you to carry out the action you plan tonight DO IT LIKE YOUR BUSINESS LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. I guarantee that after you finish you’ll wonder why on earth you didn’t do it sooner.

And next Sunday you’ll do it again. And the next Sunday after that. And before you know it…you’ll be implementing your marketing strategy like it’s actually part of your business plan.