Your Customers Won’t Take Your Marketing Seriously If You Don’t

If you read my blog you know that I run a Small Business Marketing company; we empower small business owners by creating blended marketing strategies with a major focus on new media. Because strategy is my bag, I spend most of my days consulting with the decision makers on how to spend their limited marketing budget to most effectively gain the Focus on Marketing for Small Businessattention of their target clients.

If never fails to amaze me that a good percentage of my clients, and by that I mean more than half, have no personnel dedicated to marketing. Many of my clients are really small businesses with only a handful of staff, so it is understandable that they may not have a person on board whose sole job is marketing. What you do need, Mr/Ms Small Business Owner, at the very minimum, is to have the responsibilities of marketing decision making as part of the job description of an important key player.

The business owner’s retort to my suggestion is often: “That’s why we hired you.” Believe me, I’m grateful when any client entrusts me with their marketing. Bringing in an outside marketing consultant is smart, but ‘we,’ the outsiders, are not enough. There needs to be a person on your staff who is the liason and decision maker to ensure that the strategy you’re paying us to enact is working. Someone on YOUR team needs to be actively involved in approval and monitoring of the strategy.

If you’re a sole proprietor, you need to dedicate a percentage of every week (that’s right, I didn’t say month or year) to thinking about and monitoring your marketing efforts.

What does it mean if you DON’T dedicate personnel or time to your marketing? It means you are ignoring one of the two most important parts of your business. Without marketing you may very well be invisible to your target clients. Without marketing, your company will not grow at the rate you need it to. Without marketing, it is much more difficult to achieve the desired sales rate you need. Without marketing how will you ever get to the point of success you have envisioned since the day you went into business? All it takes is for you to elevate this most important aspect of your business to its rightful place. Spend money, but more importantly, spend the time it requires to make your marketing successful.