We Believe in What We Do

What we do is empower small businesses through the power of New Media.

We utilize the tools the web offers to help small business get the word out to as many people as possible about what makes them special.

We help small business develop the right voice to differentiate themselves online.

We develop smart, effective websites that are short on flash and long on useful content. We build in organic SEO so those website show up.

We help our clients become comfortable with:

1. Social Media and how to use it to communicate with their target market.
2. Blogging: What it is, what it’s good for, and how to do it fearlessly.
3. Email Marketing: What not to do so your reader doesn’t unsubscribe, and how to use this much maligned but still effective medium.
4. Follow Up Marketing: How not to drop the ball on the leads that they get.

My partner and I both came up the hard way. Milton Hershey School saved and changed our lives.

It is our mission to empower the little guy.

We help small businesses learn to market themselves because we are on a crusade to change the economic world for our clients. We love the little guy because we are them.

There is nothing greater in life than waking up to your mission, not your job, everyday.