I bought an Electrolux vacuum a few years ago when I finally grew up and invested in some nice carpets, and the thing was worth every penny. I actually LOVE that vacuum. A couple of months ago the head on the vacuum broke when SOMEONE WHO ISN’T ME vacuumed up my daughter’s sock. It’s a canister, so all we need to do is take the head to a vacuum shop and get it fixed. I live in the country, which means NOTHING is simple, but Scranton is only 15 miles away and full of old school small businesses; of course there is a repair shop there. That vacuum has been sitting in my mudroom for 3 months. I’ve made approximately 65 trips to Scranton since then and I have yet to remember to take that part in for repair.

No, my house is not a filthy mess; I’ve been using my cheap Dirt Devil since then. Does it make me feel like an incompetent loser when I see the Electrolux sitting there? Absolutely. But I know it’s ok to be a loser about a broken vacuum cleaner. I didn’t always feel this way; for years I tried to be super woman and keep the perfect home, have a rock star career…. you know. But now I know what’s important, and having that vacuum fixed is way down on my list of priorities.

What is a priority?

1. Making sure I spend some time talking and reading to my daughter everyday.
2. Keeping the commitments I make to my clients when it comes to meeting deadlines.
3. When deadlines can’t be met, communicating that clearly and immediately.
4. Staying on top of my marketing goals, consistently, which means daily.
5. Making time to recharge my batteries so that I have the energy and inspiration to do all of the above with gusto.

Sometimes procrastination is ok; if you come to my home or office you may find a dirty floor, but you will also find a happy, successful place of life and business.

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