Logos Matter

My fixation on logos & branding continues. My 3.5 year old daughter is obsessed with her dad’s car – she cried today when the battery was dead. She recognizes the BMW logo everywhere we go and says “that’s like Daddy’s car.” She also recognizes: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, our pathetic local Weis supermarket (her reaction to this one isn’t as positive as to BMW), our Farmer’s Veggie Stand sign, the local zoo brand on all of its billboards…. and she’s 3.5 years old.

How much impact does your logo have?

Why does this matter to you? Because Logo Recognition is key to Branding, and branding is one of the keys to ensure a steady stream of prospects into your sales funnel. If a 3.5 year old associates the experiences she’s had in her short life, either positive or negative, so strongly with a logo imagine the impact that same logo can have on your existing & potential customers.

So how do you brand with your logo?

1. First of all, have a sharp, easily recognizable logo – simpler is usually the best – think Mercedes, “W” hotels or McDonald’s iconic “M.”

2. Use your logo consistently on every sign, promotional item, advertisement or company literature. I want to pull my hair out when I see companies change their logo on a whim depending upon the publication or format they’re advertising in. Your logo is not supposed to conform to the application – it should be like a visual landmark for your company. Would anyone suggest altering the font on the HOLLYWOOD sign??

3. Great customer service – branding can be a bad thing if your customer associates unpleasant experiences with your logo.

4. Consistent “advertising or marketing.;” it doesn’t matter if you advertise in the local paper or use Social Media and the internet as your keystone of getting the company message out – religiously use the medium AND your logo within your ads/posts/blogs etc.

5. Utilize promotional items with your logo on it as gifts/giveaways – from the mundane pens, mugs and key chains to Holiday cards & more unique items….keep your name out there and in your customer’s hands and minds.

Branding, like all good pieces of your marketing puzzle, doesn’t work without a comprehensive & consistent plan, and it sure as heck doesn’t happen by accident. Make sure it’s a part of the puzzle you are focused on & disciplined about – its impact cannot be overstated.

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