I am all about Fair Play

If you read my posts you’ll already get the fact that I’m all about operating in a meritocracy, or as close to that environment as the world lets me create. I was attracted to sales because it didn’t matter where I grew up, who my parents were, or what connections I had. Talent & hard work made me relatively successful.

That’s why I work for myself now – the only politics are MINE, and I am all about fair play. You work hard, you do good work, you succeed in my world. Of course, I’m not always in control of the dynamics. There are jobs I don’t get because of cronysim, nepotism, or simply because the prospect liked the other guy more than me. And I’m alright with that – I do not rule the world, but I rule MY company’s world. And in my world I am fair to my employees and my customers. The good ones get better treatment.

I am also fair to myself. That means that there are times I actually say the word “no” to my customers. When they ask me to take on a job I know I can’t do because of timing issues & what’s already on my plate (taking on their job would be unfair to my other customers who are already in the cue), when my skill set doesn’t match the task at hand (taking on the job would be unfair to my client because I’d be faking it through parts of the project or learning on the job), or when I know the customer is going to be a royal pain in the rear, not get me the needed information, drag their feet, and make my company look bad.

This follows on the heels and is related to my last post – Knowing When to Fire Your Customer – but in this case I’m not advocating firing them – I’m advocating being fair to them, and to yourself. The customer is not always right, and when they’re blatantly wrong it’s ok to politely tell them so. There may be times when you want to let something they did slide for the sake of keeping the account, but by all means make sure you leverage that “favor” you’re doing them; make sure that they understand that you think they were wrong and you are doing them a favor. It’s ok that you decided to not hold a customer’s feet to the fire and win the battle and lose the war, just make sure that goes into your bag as ammunition for the next time when you must say no.

Be fair to your employees, be fair to your customers, and most importantly, be fair to your company and its reputation.

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