Small Business Ownership – Schizophrenic Nature Required?

This post came about because a reader commented that they didn’t see a connect between one of my posts and the others. Believe me, I certainly welcome feedback and frankly am glad that anyone wants to read my blog. Graciousness at being heard is most often my state of mind.

However, this critical post got me thinking and again I realized a philosophy I’ve been living for years – you NEED to have the ability to wear 17 different hats if you are going to run a small business. Anyone who comes from a corporate background, and I was there as well for many years, may have a more difficult time adjusting to and embracing the concept that one day you may be battling Quickbooks, of course everyday you are VP of Sales, and some days you might even have to schlep to Staples for copy paper. Especially in the beginning.

This “Multi-tasking Required” skill set becomes even more apparent when you go to hire your first employee and try to delegate part of what you do. It may seem like a frustrating and ineffective way to live, but for many small business owners it’s the only option. I’ve decided to embrace it as a far more interesting vocation than showing up, sitting at a desk, and doing the same thing day in and day out. If you don’t love it you’ll never be able to put in hours required to build a small business, so perhaps the corporate safety zone is where you should be.

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